Welcome to the SQLSurrey PASS Chapter

We are SQLSurrey, the SQL Server Usergroup based in Guildford and surrounding areas. We're a group of SQL enthusiasts from the area who specialise in the MSBI & Azure side of things, but we'll be hosting a range talks across the whole SQL spectrum.

We're hoping to build up a community of like-minded peers to share knowledge, sharpen skills and enjoy a few beers. It's pretty important to us that these aren't lectures - we'll be occupying the back room of a pub and keeping things informal as best we can!

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SQLSurrey November Meetup: In DB Predictive Analytics & Azure Functions and CosmosDB

  • In-Person @ White House Pub Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom (map)
  • 19:00 - 21:00 (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  • Language: English

Come along and join us for a social evening in Guildford with 2 great talks planned and of course as usual drinks and buffett food will be provided by us! We'll be following the usual agenda - a quick update about the group, general announcements and PASS news. Followed by the two talks from our guest speakers. Would be great to see you there, and, as always, get in touch if you'd like to speak at an upcoming event

Featured Presentation:

In Database Predictive Analytics with SQL Server 2017

Sacha Tomey, Technical Director Adatis

In this session we will look at SQL Server Machine Learning Services and, in particular, the ‘MicrosoftML’ package available in SQL Server 2017 and how it can be used to build an in-database Predictive Analytics Model that can scale. In the first half of this session we will spend time providing a primer to supervised Machine Learning before applying that to a real world scenario in the second half, taking you through each of the steps required to build an in-database predictive analytics model using R and SQL Server 2017.

About Sacha:
Sacha Tomey is Technical Director and co-founder of Adatis, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics. He has an extensive background in technology, data in particular having delivered strategic enterprise solutions into a variety of industries across a broad selection of organisations.

Azure Functions and Cosmos DB - A Match Made in Heaven

Ben Jarvis, Data Analytics Consultant Adatis

This session will talk about how you can combine the serverless power of Azure Functions with the flexibility of Azure Cosmos DB to process large amounts of data and gain real-time insights. We will taking real-time position reports from aircraft across the world, ingesting them into Azure then using Azure Functions to process the ingested data in real-time and output the data in a format suitable for users to visualise. We will make use of a number of Azure services including Event Hubs, Cosmos DB and Azure Functions and show how we can combine a bit of C# with the power of Azure to do great things while keeping our Azure resource costs at an acceptable level.

About Ben:


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