Welcome to the SQLSurrey PASS Chapter

We are SQLSurrey, the SQL Server Usergroup based in Guildford and surrounding areas. We're a group of SQL enthusiasts from the area who specialise in the MSBI & Azure side of things, but we'll be hosting a range talks across the whole SQL spectrum.

We're hoping to build up a community of like-minded peers to share knowledge, sharpen skills and enjoy a few beers. It's pretty important to us that these aren't lectures - we'll be occupying the back room of a pub and keeping things informal as best we can!

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SQLSurrey May Meetup

  • In-Person @ The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom (map)
  • 19:00 - 22:00 GMT Daylight Time
  • Language: English


We'll be having the usual mix of drinks and pizza, we've got a library-service for a copy of the full PASS summit 2015 and I'm working on a couple of giveaways for the evening.

We're also planning a few extra events which would be great to get everyone's feedback on.

Featured Presentation:

SQL Server 2016 Feature Debate

Simon Whiteley, Chief Cloud Architect Adatis Consulting

So - in want of an actual speaker, I'll be running a discussion session talking about how some of the "big hitter" elements of SQL 2016 will actually be changing things. I'll give a brief overview of each item then open it up for discussion within the group. I'd love to hear what people's plans are, where their pains are and whether people are planning to migrate any time soon!

About Simon:
Coming from a world of traditional BI structures, Simon is now obsessed with utilising cloud technologies to revolutionise these traditions. He will dive into any interesting BI problem, whether its ETL patterns, analysis models or building custom D3 visualisations. As a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, his main focus is harnessing Azure Data Services to build the next generation of Cloud Analytics Architectures!


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