Welcome to the SQLSurrey PASS Chapter

We are SQLSurrey, the SQL Server Usergroup based in Guildford and surrounding areas. We're a group of SQL enthusiasts from the area who specialise in the MSBI & Azure side of things, but we'll be hosting a range talks across the whole SQL spectrum.

We're hoping to build up a community of like-minded peers to share knowledge, sharpen skills and enjoy a few beers. It's pretty important to us that these aren't lectures - we'll be occupying the back room of a pub and keeping things informal as best we can!

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SQLSurrey Feb Meetup - Index Consolidation with Stuart Moore

  • In-Person @ The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom (map)
  • 19:00 - 22:00 (UTC-12:00) International Date Line West
  • Language: English

We'll be following the usual agenda - a quick update about the group, general announcements and PASS news. Followed by an hour's talk by our guest speaker.

Session takes place in a curtained-off area within the main Stoke pub. We'll be hanging around afterwards for drinks & pizza (on us!) and sharing opinions / thoughts on the topic of the talk and general industry activity!

Would be great to see you there, and, as always, get in touch if you'd like to speak at an upcoming event!

Featured Presentation:

Indexing Nightmare - Cut Through the Clutter

Stuart Moore, Data Wrangler

Abstract: Inherited a database with 30 indexes on every table? Has the vendor for your 3rd party app recommended more indexes over the years than you can remember? Got indexes that were added to fix a data load problem 4 years ago, but not sure if they're still being used? Indexes are key to SQL Server performance, but like everything too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In this sessions we'll look at how you can analyse your current indexes with the aim of consolidating them into useful ones, even removing some completely and how to improve the ones you've got left Speaker: Stuart Moore has spent 20+ years working with computers trying to make data move faster and infrastructures simpler, mostly succeeding. Currently mainly working with SQL Server, Azure, PowerShell and C# to develop hybrid infrastructures.

About Stuart:
Stuart has been working with data since 1998 across a wide range of platforms Currently building and designing hybrid solutions tying on premise and cloud systems together Stuart is also a major contributor to the dbatools project and other open source projects, he also runs 2 usergroups (East Midlands SQL Server group and Nottingham PowerShell Usergroup), is a member of the team that runs the annual SQL Relay series of 5 one day conferences around the UK and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Query Folding in PowerBI

Callum Green, Senior Consultant Adatis Consulting Ltd

The Query Editor is possibly the most underutilised tool in Power BI Desktop. People are often more fascinated in the pretty visuals and Dashboard reporting, rather than the data transformations that take place before any of this is even possible. The Query Editor enables us to carry out a vast array of data manipulations, but often at a cost. If the transformations are not structured and ordered properly, we can find ourselves watching them complete in what feels like an eternity. So, how can we speed up data transformations in Power BI and in turn, enhance the capabilities of the Query Editor? The answer is Query Folding. This technique takes the processing strain away from Power BI and the machine you are developing on, instead using the greater capabilities from where the data is sourced. The 30 minute session will explain Query Folding in more detail, give examples of where/when it can be used and tips of how to get transformations to perform at their best.

About Callum:
Callum Green is a Senior BI Consultant with Adatis Consulting, passionate about improving presentation layer architecture and finding new ways to exploit traditional warehouse structures.


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